Track. "AmenWorld (Spirit and Flesh)" 
Label. The Spiritual Triangles (Portugal)
Compilation. UNIT I • UNTRANSLATABLE MUSIC ::  April 22nd, 2019

Track. "Fate Has A Thousand Ways, And What Will Be Will Be" 
Label. Unexplained Sounds Group (Italy)
Compilation. Sound Space - the 4th annual report volume I :: November 30th, 2018

Track. "When It's Summer, Flies Come And Go" Label. Noctivagant Collective (Mexico) Compilation. The Collective IV :: September 22th, 2018

Track. "The Self​-​Disembowelment of God [Part lll]" Label. Unexplained Sounds Group (Italy) Compilation. Ocean Of Sound - The 3rd Annual Report Volume II :: December 15th, 2017


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